Lawn Tennis Racket

As for any racket sport, the importance of a good racket is paramount. At Ollsport, we have an ideal racket for everyone of any age and skill!

There are few important things to know about tennis rackets to make the right selection.  A lawn tennis racket is typically made of:

Head: This part of the racket holds the strings together and determines the racket size. Normally the size of head ranges from 95 to 110 sq. inch, with a bigger head enabling more power to strike the ball, but restricting the movement of the racket. Whereas, a shorter head releases less power but is very convenient to swing around & strike the ball.

Beam: This refers to the thickness of the racket. A large beam allows more power but less control. Whereas, a small beam does the opposite.

Strings: This is the woven network inside the head of the racket that makes contact with the ball. The material & thickness of the strings largely determine the control & power of shots.

Handle, grip & butt: The handle is where the player holds the racket, and it is coated by the grip. The butt is the handle’s bottom and helps to control the racket movement when swung.